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Best Add-ons and Finishing for French Fry Boxes

Add-ons and Finishing


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Are you familiar with the importance of add-ons and finishing in creating custom boxes for French fries? They have an important role in making a box personalized, engaging, and memorable. 

There are many box styles for fry boxes, also sizes and shapes that make these boxes customized, but the key to making them stand out is your choice of add-ons and finishing.

This blog post will discuss basic and important finishing and add-on options. These options are helpful to custom fries boxes to create a truly unique look. However, before coming to the main topic of discussion, we would define how add-ons differ from finishing.

Are Add-ons and Finishing the Same or Different?

No, both these are different from one another. Both add-ons and finishing are important aspects of the packaging industry, and both contribute to the overall success of a product’s presentation. Let’s discuss them one by one. It is up to you which process you choose according to the materials for these boxes.

1. Add-ons

Add-ons are additional protections and decorations added to a package after it has been ready. The Add-ons include: 

  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Foil Stamping

Foil is a great option for customizing the packaging. It adds a unique, eye-catching design to the packaging. Foil stamping uses a metalized film to apply a metallic finish to the box. 


Embossing adds texture and dimension to a fry packaging solution by pressing a metal plate with an image onto the paper or board, creating a raised impression. 

  • It can highlight a logo or product information or create a unique design. 
  • Also, create interesting patterns and customize the box’s look. 
  • Furthermore, it is a great way to enhance the presentation.


Debossing is an attractive finishing option for making a box attractive and engaging, creating a hollow or depressed impression in the material. It includes anything from text to a logo or other artwork. 

  • It adds an extra detail that elevates the box’s overall appearance. 
  • Additionally, it also adds a unique tactile element that customers will love. 
  • It can make your product packaging look even more attractive and interesting.

2. Finishing

Finishing is the final step in the packaging process, where all package components are combined into one unit. This includes applying labels, protective coatings, or other treatments that give the package a professional look. 

Finishing also includes:

  • Gloss & Matt Lamination
  • Varnish (Eco-friendly Options)

Gloss & Matte Foil

These are the most popular coating options for gloss, offer a glossy and vibrant finish, matte creates a sleek and subtle look, and soft touch provides a smooth, velvety feel. All these provide excellent protection from moisture, heat, and other external factors.

Varnish (Eco-friendly Option)

A varnish is an eco-friendly option for giving your fry boxes with a logo a luxurious touch, protecting against dirt and moisture. It also helps retain the material’s natural colors and makes the surface look shiny. Moreover, it is a non-toxic solution that is safe for food packaging.

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