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Custom Burger Boxes

Custom burger boxes are the perfect solution for your fast food packaging needs. These boxes are specially designed to securely hold your delicious burgers while keeping them fresh and hot until they are delivered to the customer. These tailored boxes are made from high-quality eco-conscious and food-grade packaging stock.

With a sturdy and durable material, they can withstand the challenges of transportation, resist oil drops to leak, and are perfect for takeout, delivery, and dine-in services.

Furthermore, these boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors making them an excellent choice for businesses to grasp customers’ attention. So you can upgrade your food box packaging with our customized burger boxes and provide your customers with a memorable dining experience.

At CBWL, we have a vast range of material choices. No matter what sort of box design or style you have, we can produce it with any material or board type that is under your budget.


It is the most popular sturdy material we have for the safety of your products.



If you want an eco-friendly and sustainable material choice, Kraft is the material for you.



It is suitable for fragile and sensitive products like glassware and electronics etc.



Luxury and sophisticated packaging solutions are produced in this board type.

Place Your Order in 3 Easy Steps

For your convenience, we have devised the order placement process more than manageable. All you have to do is follow the following three easy steps to place the quote:

Quote Placement

Call our customer support at (888)908-3029 or send email to

Design & Layout

Format your artwork in Ai, PSD or PDF and if you don't have a design leave it to us.

Price Schedule

The billing is also made easy with any type of PayPal/credit card or wire transfer.


Design your Burger Boxes with Innovative Styles

At CBWL, you can choose from several box styles to suit your needs. We offer various styles for presenting your burgers more attractively. 
  • Boxes with Lids
  • Gable Boxes
  • Boxes with Handle
  • Boxes with Holes
  • Autolock Burger Boxes
Aside from the above, if you want to get a lavish packaging solution, consult a custom box manufacturer and get a box of your desires. 

Materials For Custom Hamburger Boxes

When packaging your burgers, you want to ensure that your food remains safe and protected throughout its journey. Therefore select sturdy, durable, food grade materials. The most common and highly preferable stocks are:

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft paper

Finishing and Add-ons Custom Burger Boxes

When it comes to custom burger boxes, many add-ons can be included to enhance the overall look and create a special feel of the box. All these customizations will ensure that your customers have an enjoyable experience when they receive their fast food box. 

  • UV Printing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Embossing & Debossing
  • Matte
  • Gloss

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the expected delivery timing at CBWL?

We usually deliver a package within 6 to 8 working days.

Do you provide double-sided printing for burger boxes?

If you mention it in your quote, we will manage double-sided printing.

Is there any minimum order restriction?

No, we have no minimum order restriction; you can order as low as you like.

Do you charge extra for design and layout support?

Not at all; our design and styling support is free of cost.