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Custom Cardboard Boxes

With our extensive range of cardboard boxes, you will have all kinds of options to choose from. In addition to this, there are plenty of different colors and sizes for you to choose from for a more customized look. These sturdy boxes are made up of high-quality material that is impervious to moisture, making them perfect for delivering your products to customers in a fast, secure, and efficient way. Building solutions for your product is much easier and more efficient if you use a reusable box as the main packing material. With our customized boxes, you can stand among your competitors. It’s a smart choice for your company’s environmental impact because it’s inexpensive and easy to get. And when you use it as your primary packaging, it decreases operating costs and helps your business be sustainable. Our cardboard box is available in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. To ensure that the product reaches you safely and in time, we have experts who will work on creating a box that perfectly matches the product. Our team will make sure that they’re completely coherent with the product contents. So what are you waiting for? Contact us and get your desired customized cardboard packaging at wholesale price.

At CBWL, we have a vast range of material choices. No matter what sort of box design or style you have, we can produce it with any material or board type that is under your budget.


It is the most popular sturdy material we have for the safety of your products.



If you want an eco-friendly and sustainable material choice, Kraft is the material for you.



It is suitable for fragile and sensitive products like glassware and electronics etc.



Luxury and sophisticated packaging solutions are produced in this board type.

Place Your Order in 3 Easy Steps

For your convenience, we have devised the order placement process more than manageable. All you have to do is follow the following three easy steps to place the quote:

Quote Placement

Call our customer support at (888)908-3029 or send email to

Design & Layout

Format your artwork in Ai, PSD or PDF and if you don't have a design leave it to us.

Price Schedule

The billing is also made easy with any type of PayPal/credit card or wire transfer.


Get Cardboard Boxes in any Shape, Size, and Design.

If you have any requirements concerning the size, dimension, or shade of cardboard boxes, we will fulfill them. Our packaging specialists are constantly at your disposal for all kinds of retail and wholesale bundles. In addition, you will always find them at your service when you need our technological or professional support. Along with the high quality and durable nature of our personalized cardboard box USA, what sets us apart is the extensive range of personalization. For us, customization is not just limited to picking color or dimension. Instead, we ensure that everything is according to your business needs, from material choice to the end product. That is how we ideally create small cardboard boxes wholesale for your business.

Cardboard Packaging with Out Class Embellishments

The explicit gray cardboard material is less appealing than it will be. For that function, numerous decorations and finishing choices are utilized. These would certainly make your cardboard boxes at wholesale stand alone in the team of competitors. That practice is also helpful for a similar line of products. At CBWL, we have a new range of add-ons that would suit any product, from the food to the cosmetics industry. From gold foil to simple embellishments, you will find a wide variety at our manufacturing facility under a single roof, with a complimentary design facility that is no less than a blessing.

Green Solutions for Cardboard Packaging at Wholesale

When most individuals buy Custom cardboard boxes, the top priority is to get in touch with a manufacturer who utilizes green solutions. The reason is that people from almost all industries like to buy eco-friendly objects. At CBWL, we pay special attention to the green attributes of packaging. As a result, are not only our custom cardboard packaging manufactured in favor of the environment but also the stock material that we use?

Once you are with us, stay assured that none of our business ventures will harm the setup around us. Above all, our industrial processes are most of the time chemical free. We use ingredients that would add to the biodegradable waste instead of harmful toxins.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost for the design and layout?

At CBWL, we do not charge you extra for design and layout. All these services are free of cost.

What is your average shipping tenure?

We usually send our shipments within 6 to 8 working days. However, we will deliver your order as early as possible.

Do you support double-sided printing?

We only furnish some of our packaging orders with this facility, but when you mention it in the quote, we will implement it.

Is there any expense for the plate and die-making?

Only some of the plates and die-making facilities are a part of our printing and packaging bundle.