Custom Sleeve Boxes

A sleeve packaging is one of the best ways to pack your products. They are a convenient way to pack various small, and fragile objects securely. We at CBWL, provide you with the best sleeve boxes. Our boxes are made up of premium quality materials, and with such high-quality packaging, you can be assured that all your products will be handled with the utmost care during shipment. These boxes are not only best for storing and selling your items but also for attracting your target audience. We have a variety of box designs to choose from, which will help you make an impression on your users through its fine cuts, deepness in its simplicity, and outstanding structure. Depending on the size and shape of the product, we can plan a perfect packaging box design, to ensure all its sides are perfectly covered, to protect your item from external damages. Our experts will design your containers in such an enticing manner that will lure your customer, and will surely help to build your brand name. Our eco-friendly containers are the best option to go with. Contact us now to get your quote ready!



We offer you the best in customized sleeve packaging, which enables you to present your product in an innovative style. Our containers are the packaging solution that ensures your products are protected from all sides, offering maximum protection. These boxes are perfectly designed to help you deliver your product in a unique manner. Designing stunning sleeve boxes requires expert knowledge and is possible only with our services. At CBWL, we understand the ins and outs of designing these packing boxes. We are renowned for our commitment to delivering the best at affordable prices.

Create an outstanding experience with sleeve boxes:

Custom sleeve containers are a great way of sealing the quality of your product and giving your customers a perfect experience. It’s important to remember that each item you send is custom-made for each customer. We offer a variety of features to help ensure your products arrive safe and sound, as well as by offering cost-effective rates for our services. Get one step ahead of the competition with custom sleeves designed specifically for your business! There are many ways to stand out from the competition through sleeve boxes. A sleeve can be used to create a piece of branded packaging, which is a great way to make an impression on customers. Having a consistent design across all your products can give your business that professional edge it needs over competitors. Likewise, sending goods in custom product sleeves is also a great idea for marketing your business. This again is something that will impress customers and make them feel like they are receiving something exceptional when buying from you. Whether it’s the same design on each or different designs, there’s plenty you can do with sleeves to help promote your business and make customers feel confident about what you’re selling.

Get a sneak peek into our customization process:

At Custom Boxes With Logo, we feel it is our responsibility to be a part of this industry, and thus we strive to fulfill our client’s expectations. We work hard to ensure timely delivery, great designs, and quality products. Implementing these three aspects enables us to maintain a competitive advantage within our market.

Appropriate Raw Materials:

We use Paperboard, corrugated, and cardboard as raw materials for our boxes. We use only high-quality materials in all of our products; this ensures additional strength and durability for long-lasting use. Our material choices are based on their ultimate purpose and durability within the industry. All these materials are eco-friendly and recyclable.

  1. Paperboard: You can get your packaging in paperboard, as they are highly durable and are perfect for your retail items!
  2. Corrugated: If you’re looking for an elegant and luxurious packaging option, then corrugated is the perfect material as they’re not only durable but also elegant.
  3. Cardboard: Want to be attractive and stay within budget? Yes? If you want your product to be appealing, then using cardboard is the ideal solution for you. Cardboard sleeves can be designed to create a stunning design while providing an appealing feature for your products.

We are committed to providing a superior product and service, that is unsurpassed in the industry, we work hard to exceed each client’s expectations and will continue to do so in the future.

Add some exquisite designs:

When you display your product’s packaging design on store shelves, they are branded with creative customized packaging which is unique to each product. Our experts will make your product packaging with eye-catching designs while focusing on attracting customers. Our custom packaging designs will help you to create a strong awareness about the product and boost sales at retail shops.

Customization options available at CBWL:

We make sure that your product stands out in the market and can help you to look luxurious in the market. Whether you want boxes for your apparel or want to have boxes with the window we can provide you with all! Here are some of the customization options that you can have with us!

  1. Apparel
  2. Die-cut
  3. Boxes with windows


With us, you can have your sleeves packaged for your apparel as well! As we take pride in manufacturing your boxes in any design and for any of your products. Moreover, using sleeves for your apparel boxes will make your product stand out in the market, and it surely will help you to attract a number of customers at the same time! So why wait? Get your apparel some luxurious touch with custom sleeve containers!


These multi-use Die Cut Boxes can be used to pack food, cosmetics, and other valuable items once they reach their destination. These boxes are made of cardboard. The cardboard boxes add strength and grip to the product and also offer a safety feature to keep the product inside safe and secure during transportation.

Boxes with windows

Adding windows to your custom sleeve boxes is a great way to allow customers to see what it is they are purchasing. It’s a convenient way of displaying products and offering a unique view of the product. Our sleeves come with a window in the front, back, or both. We can even design the window according to your preferences.

Ravishing printing to give your packaging a flawless finish:

Along with attractive designs, our team will provide you with impressive printing services – sublimation printing and offset printing. Our experts will provide you with various printing options including digital print, offset print, flexography, and sublimation printing. We also have a variety of finishing options to offer as well as case-sealing options to protect your items. With our years of experience in printing services, we are confident that we are the perfect custom solution for you.

High-quality & luxury packaging printing at affordable rates:

What does exceptional packaging have in common? It’s the printing style. You can rely on us to handle all types of printing, whether you require high quality or luxury. We offer our customers a diverse range of printing styles, which are perfectly suited for different product categories. Not only does this ensure that your packaging will be eye-catching, but it will also help you to cut costs.

Why choose us?

At CBWL, we understand that product packaging is a great way to make an impression on customers and can act as a marketing tool for your business. We offer customized sleeve packaging that enables you to present your product in an innovative style, helping you through the process of delivering products elegantly.  Our cardboard boxes are designed to protect your product from all sides, which ensures that customers get exactly what they expect from your products. You can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs so that each of your items gets a customized packaging solution through our services. Our extensive experience in this field enables us to design packaging boxes that will be a great addition to your business and will also increase its branding.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the ideal size of the packaging box?

The size of your product, its function, current packaging design, and promotional needs are all factors that go into determining this. To make your product fits perfect, add 2 inches prior to your product size!

Can I get samples?

Yes, you can get samples of products on request. We can make samples for you at no cost and express them at standard costs.

What happens after the final design is selected?

After you select a final concept it is passed onto our production team for production. We will send you a file of your final artwork for your approval before proceeding with printing or manufacturing the packaging box.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?

Delivery typically takes between seven to ten working days, depending on your location and seasonal demand at that time. This can be influenced by holidays or weather conditions, as well as other factors outside our control during high-demand periods.

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