Dieline Templates

A Packaging dieline template is a helpful guide that makes sure every package looks and feels the same when put together. To make your brand look its best, we need your design to fit into our template outline, also known as a dieline.

The dielines you see here work well with our manufacturing setup and have already been checked for fit and structure.

You can download these dielines as PDFs and even edit them in Adobe Illustrator. If you’re new to this, you might want to read our tips on how to use dielines for your packaging design.

Mailer Box Template

Mailer boxes are a great way to package eCommerce orders and put a cool spin on unboxing. Once you’ve placed your order for a sample or production, we’ll provide a custom dieline template.

Folding Box Template

The folding carton box is an excellent packaging option for lightweight products. This set of dielines is for folding carton boxes with snap-lock bottoms. You can request a custom dieline template when ordering a sample or production.

Need a Custom Dieline Template for your Box?

Contact with yoour experienced packaging designer to get your desired dieline template for your custom boxes.