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A Guide for Buying French Fry Boxes for your Restaurant

Guide for Buying French Fry Boxes


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Do you want to purchase french fry boxes for your snack business? If yes, then first read this piece of writing till the end before going to buy it. French fries cups are important for fast food businesses and manufacturers to pack their fries properly in an engaging way. 

These custom printed boxes help in attracting more and more customers and generate sales. As an owner, you need these boxes to make your brand identity in the market, So you have to consider many things while buying. This blog will discuss detailed guides while buying from wholesale custom box manufacturers. 

5 Important Considerations before Buying

There are five main things you need to consider, from the materials to the styles and your economical budget. So let’s discuss them:

1. Consider Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is an eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging solution. When you are going to buy a fries cup, you have to take a look at its material, whether it is environmentally friendly or not. Cardboard packaging stock is the best example of this. 

Cardboard comes from a natural cellulose source and is made of wood pulp. Cardboard is reusable, recyclable, and has no environmental effect on society. It absorbs all the leftover french fries oil and keeps the fries crispy. So, always prefer cardboard or paper-made fries containers to serve your snacks. 

2. Get Your Required Sizes and styles

Every company has set its size and style of boxes to serve its fries to customers. Therefore these factors vary from company to company. There are different sizes for different categories of the target audience. For example, a small box for one person usually and a large piece of box is considered a family pack.  There are many shapes or styles to choose from, including:

  • Handle boxes 
  • French fry cones
  • Dividing boxes 
  • French fry scoops 
  • Fries cups 
  • Square boxes or bags

All these boxes are available to meet your requirements. You can pick any of them to get your required size and box styles. 

3. Prefer a Customized Box 

Customization is the best option to market your product uniquely. Like selecting and getting your required size and styles of boxes, you can pick a color scheme and a box with your brand’s logo. By doing this, you can catch the ball of your target audience and make your fries more appealing. So to customize, you have to consider the following things:

  • Color scheme and templet
  • Printing and finishing options 
  • Using your brand’s logo 
  • Add a brand story and product details. 

A box with all these important considerations will help make your company’s identity. And serve as a marketing tool for the fast food company. So you always prefer a customized fry box while buying it. 

4. Stay Within your Budget  

Another important tip is that you have to stick with your budget. As business owners, we all want to save money and get huge revenue. And their primary concern is cost, and they are always looking for a cost-effective option. 

When you are going to buy, you should not compromise on the budget and don’t say “OK” too expensive packaging. You can get it at a low rate but with good-quality containers. Because due to the tough competition in the packaging industry, box makers are providing exceptional french fry boxes at wholesale services. 

So, in this way, you can manage your price policy. When you want to stay within your budget, you have to contact a wholesale company and get a special discount for bulk orders, also many other custom services. 

5. Free Shipment 

The last important consideration is to look at companies offering free shipping services. When you order custom boxes in bulk, they will ship your order to your destination free of cost. In this way, you can save some more money for your business, leading you toward an effective and fruitful packaging solution that is also cost-effective.

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