Artwork Guidelines

Designing the perfect custom packaging is kind of like following a recipe. You need the secret ingredients for success. That’s where our artwork guidelines come in:

A handy list of recommendations that will make the design process smooth and seamless. Remember, too, that we offer free in-house design support to all our customers. So, if you need extra support or expertise, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in!

Required File Format

Designing the perfect custom packaging is similar to following an instruction manual. Our artwork guidelines help make the design process smooth and seamless by providing a handy list of recommendations.

We also offer free in-house design support to all of our customers. We can provide you with additional support or expertise if necessary. Please read our instructions carefully for accurate rendering and printing of your artwork files.

Color Profiles

It is best to create artwork using CMYK colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) or Pantone spot colors, depending on your printing type. A digital display uses RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color mode, so it is necessary to convert to the correct color mode so that the color reproduction is accurate.

Text & Font Type

When you find it difficult to read a font on your computer screen, zooming in may help. Regarding printed words, you are unable to change the size later. When printing, it’s essential to use a font larger than 9pt so it’s easy to read. If you are using an intricate or fancy font, such as cursive, remember to keep in mind that on paper, they may appear less sharp and clear than on a screen. To ensure the text on the packaging is straightforward and easy to read, choose legible fonts.


The dielines of your layout must be precise to achieve your ideal layout. Always keep all knives and scores at least 1/8″ from your art and graphics, and extend the background of your design to the bleeding lines.

Let us know if you need assistance. With 100% free design support, your final product will match exactly how you imagined it.

Images & Graphics

Please ensure that all links are embedded and working before sending your file to us so that we can create powerful graphics that will enhance the visual impact of your packaging.

Alternatively, you can choose to share your graphics individually in zip files.