Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes also known as setup boxes, are the preferred choice for brands seeking to showcase high-end or luxury products. These boxes are crafted from durable thick paperboard which ensures maximum product protection without compromising luxury. With CBWL, you can create custom rigid boxes of various sizes, styles, and features that can be tailored to meet your unique product specifications.

Using our boxes, you can add the WOW factor to every presentation and set your brand apart. With a multitude of rigid gift box styles at your disposal, you can craft truly distinctive packaging for any occasion. Feel free to contact CBWL to get quality high-quality rigid packaging solutions.

Eco-Friendly Material

Custom Artwork

Inside Outside Printing

Available Rigid Box Styles Options

Our rigid box styles may vary based on various factors, such as the type, size, intended use, and branding preferences. Choosing the right box style will enhance your product’s’ presentation and give your customers a memorable unboxing experience. Our rigid boxes are available in many styles, each with its own unique appearance. However below are our 3 most popular box styles for rigid. 

magnetic closure boxes
Magnetic Closure Rigid Box

This rigid box is a standard size and comes with an embedded magnet for securing the lid.

Two Piece rigid box
Two Piece
Rigid Box

The lid and tray are both made of two pieces and the sides of the tray are fully covered.

drawer rigid boxes
Rigid Drawer Box with Ribbon

This drawer box includes a custom ribbon to make opening it easy.

Customize Your Rigid Box, Your Way

With endless customization options, it is easy to create the custom rigid box that truly matches your brand identity. You can choose different materials like paperboard and chipboard and print your custom logo and artwork inside the box to make them more unique. Also to make the unboxing experience more memorable you can add foam inserts and ribbon on the rigid box to make the box secure and elegant.   

Two Piece Rigid Box
drawer rigid packaging

Perfect for Presentation & Luxury Experience

Choosing the right packaging for your products can do more than just protect them. Creating a feeling of a luxurious experience in customers’ minds is imperative because it sets expectations. A custom printed rigid box is an excellent way to highlight a product’s value through stunning visuals and luxurious designs. This adds sophistication and keeps your product secure.

rigid box sample with ribbon

Try a Rigid Box Sample

You can order a pre-printed CBWL Sample Kit to see the materials and print quality of our rigid boxes before placing a large Order.

custom rigid kraft boxes

Our Commitment to Sustainability

In today’s market, if you don’t know the packaging needs of your target consumer, it’s difficult for your Company to compete with packaging players. There is no doubt that eco-friendly packaging plays a vital role for today’s shopper. That’s why we always aim to use at least 50% recycled materials in our rigid boxes while maintaining their sturdiness. Due to the eco-conscious packaging, our custom printed rigid boxes enable you to sell your product more effectively by displaying your brand in your customers’ homes for longer.



White Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paper & Brown Kraft (Up to 50% Recycled)

Material Thickness

800 – 1500gsm (Depends upon the Size of the Box)

Color Matching

CMYK, Pantone


Inside, outside, or both side printing


Lamination / Biodegradable Lamination (for Eco Friendly)


Matte, Glossy, Satin, Soft Touch

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no minimum order requirement; you can order as many boxes as you need.

You will receive your order within 3 to 5 business days after production is completed.

The Magnetic closure rigid boxes are the most expensive boxes as compares to the shoulder, neck rigid boxes and two piece rigid boxes.

Your orders will be packaged in individual shipping cartons and sent to your provided address.

The cost per unit is often reduced when you order in bulk or produce larger quantities. Also, custom rigid boxes can be made cost-effective with a well-balanced approach that optimizes design, production, and material selection.

We estimate a turnaround time of 10 – 12 business days based on the packaging type, order size, and time of year. You can get the most accurate turnaround time by contacting our customer service team.