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What are Various Box Styles for French Fry Boxes?

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Do you want to become familiar with the different styles of french fry boxes? This writing is specially written to inform you about these boxes styles. 

According to “National Geographic” a large number of french fries are consumed annually in America. It means people love and enjoy eating it. Thus, fast food companies need attractive and captivating packaging to compete in the market.

Because these CBWL’s Custom Boxes are an important marketing tool to make your brand more identical and distinct, these boxes pack fries in one place in an effective way that helps engage your customers. Also, help in generating more sales.

5 Best Styles of French fry Packaging

It is always a pleasure to see something new in every field. Because new shapes and styles of packaging attract customers very well. Therefore, these boxes come in different styles.

Here we will discuss five unique styles to make your brand identity.

French fry Bag

French fry bags are essential to enhance customers’ unboxing experience. They are a great way to transport and serve fries, keeping them warm and crispy. These bags come in various sizes, styles, and materials to suit any occasion or taste.

Many restaurants opt for paper or polyethylene bags designed with grease-resistant properties to keep your hands clean. Whether you are serving classic crinkle-cut fries or gourmet poutine, this bag is perfect for every occasion.

Cones Style

Cones for these boxes are a great way to serve delicious potato fries in an eye-catching and fun way. These cardboard packages come in various colors and designs, making them suitable as a marketing tool. The cone shape makes these containers easy to hold and transport, while the perforated top helps keep fries hot and fresh.

These boxes also help reduce waste by avoiding the need for individual plates or bags. Whether you are serving up fries at a restaurant or picnic, Cones boxes make your customers smile.

Cup Style

These boxes are the best option to serve fries without the mess. They provide a convenient, single-serving solution that you can easily hold in one hand while eating. These handy containers are made from paperboard with a bottom tray that holds the fries securely.

The cup design also helps keep your hands clean while you enjoy your favorite snack! These cups are perfect for restaurants, diners, concession stands, or where you want to serve fries, and these cups offer an attractive and efficient way to serve up your delicious snacks.

Scoop Style

Scoop is another unique style to pack your snacks for all occasions. Whether you are hosting a party or just looking for something quick and easy, these boxes are an ideal solution. Unlike other containers, they feature an opening at the top that makes it easier to scoop out the fries.

Plus, they come in various sizes and colors to find the perfect box according to your choice. With their eye-catching design and practicality, these boxes make serving snacks simple and stylish.

French Fries Holder

Here is another excellent style of fry box: “French fries holder paper box:” to store and transport your snake. It is made of special paper that helps in maintaining heat and moisture, keeping your fries crispy and delicious for longer. The box has two compartments, one for the fries and another for condiments or toppings. Whether you are heading to a picnic or want to enjoy fresh-tasting fries, this paper box is the perfect tool for fry lovers.

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